April 15, 2018

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Plant the Seeds of Knowledge on Earth Day and Beyond

This week we feature sites and tools related to Earth Day and other science concepts: STEM, the environment, coding, and more. Find science treasures for all ages. See our full list of featured sites by clicking on the image above. 

Grades 4-12

National Environmental Education Week

Get involved in Environmental Education Week, held the week before Earth Day. Register your class and find resources and activities to use each day of the week. The shared materials include videos, infographics, activities, and links to more resources.

Grades K-12

Learning to Give

Wow! This resource shares 1,400 free lesson plans for teachers, parents, and community leaders. Lessons are coded to state standards and can be searched by grade level, keyword, subject, or academic or philanthropy standard. Find ideas to get involved.

Grades 4-10

Earth Day

Bring some vocabulary into your science lessons! Use this extensive site for vocabulary, roots, and more, all related to Earth Day. Find interactive vocabulary activities, printable crosswords, fill in the blank, and more. Try the activities as a class.

STEM Science and Beyond for Elementary

This triple-decker of science success offers three fabulous sites. One site will teach your students about the importance of recycling, by following the life of a can. Another tool will get the little ones coding. And finally, don't miss the interactives available at e-Learning Enviromental Science. 

Grades 3-6

Life of a Can

This standards-aligned site, demonstrates the impact of recycling just one can. Students have the opportunity to make eco-friendly choices within the interactive to explore Cantown. Earn "green points" as you explore the interactives and activities.

Grades K-4


Get coding with your young students, with this easy-to-follow tool. Activities include loops, functions, debugging, and more. Create one free class account for an unlimited number of students with twelve weeks of lessons (assessment options are included).

Grades K-6

e-learning for kids - Environmental Skills

Scan this collection of seven digital lessons related to environmental learning. Specific topics include Global Warming, Energy, Earth's Resources, Homes for Living Things, and others. Click to read our full review for additional tips on using this site.

Get to the Root of Science With These Resources by TeachersFirst

Explore the TeachersFirst created resources shared this week. We have a booklist related to Living Green. What can you do to help the environment? There are also TWO curated lists. One is related to MakerSpace, get started today (or find new ideas). The other list is especially for Earth Day. Find tools for all grades. 

Grades K-12

Earth Day: Editors' Choice Resources

Skim this curated list of resources curated by the TeachersFirst editors as the BEST resources for Earth Day. Resources are included for all grade levels. Read the full reviews to find detailed descriptions and tech integration ideas.

Grades K-12

CurriConnects Booklists: Living Green

Help your students to discover ideas to make a difference and contribute to positive change. Share this booklist that includes stories of efforts to live green and do what is good for our environment. Each book includes reading levels and a description.

Grades K-12

MakerSpace Resources

Whether you are just getting started on your MakerSpace journey or just looking for some new ideas, take a look at this collection of ready to use MakerSpace resources. Each review includes a description and classroom use ideas, many digital.

This week at TeachersFirst

We are excited to announce that our OK2Ask Spring sessions begin THIS week. Join us on Tuesday at 7pm ET. For even more professional learning, don't miss our Twitter Chat this Thursday at 8pm ET. You will FLIP for our chat! And you don't want to forget our weekly poll, just in time for Earth Day. 

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Join us on Tuesday at 7pm ET for OK2Ask

Google Form Basics

Learn to use Google Forms to support your classroom goals. Google forms can support classroom instruction AND improve teacher productivity. You can use Google Forms to create surveys and quizzes; collect research data; and plan events. Join us on Tuesday!

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Join us Thursday at 8pm ET #OK2Ask

Don't Flip Out, Flip Your Classroom

Have you tried to flip your classroom and instruction? Learn all about it at our Twitter chat this Thursday. Discuss tools and tips that will make you flip! Join us at 8pm ET #OK2Ask.

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Vote today

Earth Day - What will you do?

Will your class do anything to recognize Earth Day? Does your entire school complete activities? Do you do events within your own classroom? Or is April simply too busy to do anything but testing and regular school requirements? Vote today in our poll.

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