The TeachersFirst Story

Any Thinking Teacher would ask, “How does The Source for Learning provide TeachersFirst for free and without ads?”

“How does a company give anything away?”

TeachersFirst's story is a socially responsible variation on the Robin Hood legend, and it is worthy of retelling to your fellow teachers in the finest "oral tradition." Our merry band of Thinking Teachers are neither thieves nor gang members, but we’ve found a way to help the rich give to the poor. TeachersFirst's non-profit parent company, The Source for Learning (SFL), holds licenses for some special broadcast frequencies that date back to the 1970s. These were once used for short-range educational TV. We now have arrangements that allow wireless communications companies to use the excess capacity on these frequencies. The royalties from these arrangements let SFL maintain TeachersFirst's core operations as a free service for teachers. So, think of us as sort of a modern day lesson in philanthropy for Robin Hood: "Help the rich give to the poor." 

How you can provide support
While our intentions are noble, we can't do everything we'd like to do with our limited resources.

Financial Contribution
Of course, you are welcome to contribute to SFL as a thank you. We benefit many times over from every public donation, no matter how small. If you like our Robin Hood story, please tell another teacher - or maybe your entire merry band of teacher friends!

Written contribution - Tell your own TeachersFirst story
TeachersFirst is always looking for partners who can support our work. If you or your students have benefitted from our free service, please tell us the story of your success. Real stories from real teachers can help us earn grant funding to expand our services in support of teaching and learning. Send us your story, including "My TF story" in the subject line, please.

Amazon Shopping
You can also help TeachersFirst simply by shopping as you would do anyway. Please use the link below to make your purchases from Amazon. A percentage of your purchase will go to TeachersFirst, supporting our work for Thinking Teachers like you.

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