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Twitter chats provide educators with an opportunity to connect and grow their PLN (personal learning network) based on shared interests. A Twitter chat or tweet chat is a live, real-time, Twitter event where a group of Twitter users meet at a predetermined time to discuss a specific topic, using a designated hashtag, in our case, #OK2Ask.

Twitter chats are a great way for educators to:

  • Connect with other educators
  • Exchange ideas
  • Learn about hot new topics & trends
  • Share best practices
  • Reach out for help
  • Provide assistance

Twitter chats are ‘pajama-compatible’ professional learning events that provide a great non-threatening way to meet new people with similar interests. While you can participate without contributing to the conversation, you will get more from the activity if you share. Keep in mind that traditional networking social customs apply — courtesy and respect.

TeachersFirst hosts bi-monthly Twitter Chats @SFLOK2Ask using #OK2Ask. See our schedule of upcoming topics below. Whether you are a new, seasoned, or veteran educator and/or twitter user, these sessions are for you!

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December 6 • 8PM ET: Using Social Media to Increase Student Engagement

  • Discuss the benefits of using social media to increase student engagement
  • Share ways to utilize social media to foster global learning experiences
  • Share helpful resources to begin to incorporate more social media into daily lessons

December 20 • 8PM ET: Inclusive Technology

  • Discuss the need for technology that meets the diverse needs of our learners
  • Share tech tools that can aid in differentiating the learning environment
  • Brainstorm possible solutions to the challenge of meeting the needs of all students

January 3 • 8PM ET: Start the New Year Strong: Strategies for Effective Classroom Management

  • Share effective strategies to strengthen classroom management skills
  • Explore ways to promote a supportive classroom environment
  • Discuss technology tools that assist in managing and encouraging positive student behaviors

January 17 • 8PM ET: Handwriting Skills: Necessary or Not?

  • Discuss the role of handwriting in the digital age of education
  • Share resources to better understand the influence of handwriting on other developmental skills
  • Explore ways to balance traditional skills with more modern educational initiatives

February 7 • 8PM ET: Using Technology to Strengthen Social Emotional Learning

  • Define and discuss the main components of social emotional learning
  • Discuss the role of technology into strengthening SEL
  • Share resources to help educators address the social emotional needs of students

February 21 • 8PM ET: Resources for Digital Learning Day and Beyond

  • Define digital learning and its impact on education
  • Share resources for Digital Learning Day
  • Discuss ways to promote digital learning throughout the school year

March 7 • 8PM ET: The A in STEAM: A Closer Look

  • Define STEAM and discuss the role of the arts in STEM
  • Share resources that assist in integrating arts into traditional STEM lessons
  • Share technology tools to help teachers introduce arts into STEM education

March 21 • 8PM ET: Using Social Media to Build a Sense of School Community

  • Discuss the need for strengthening and building a united school community
  • Discuss the benefits of using social media to impact school culture
  • Share various social media tools and how they can be used to increase community engagement


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