Top Ten Tips for esl

1. Don’t assume students know how the American educational system works.

Talk about the steps you are taking and why.

Remember these students may be used to rote learning.

ESL/ELL students might find the activity level in the American classroom confusing.

Remember that these studentsmay feel overwhelmed by the freedom to make their own decisions in the classroom.

Note that students may always say yes when asked if they understand. 

Ask questions using choices, rather than yes/no so students are forced to make a decision and also have language practice in understanding your questions.

Learn to ask the same questions in many different ways.

Be patient when the students don’t respond to you, even though you really want to help.  In many cultures, a teacher is a person far removed from the students, in some cases a person to fear.

Your smile at the student may be confusing and may not have the same effect it has on the American student.  The student may have to relearn his perceptions about the role of the teacher.


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