Top Ten Tips for esl

4. Work on your language skills.

Learn how to say these phrases in your students' languages::

I don’t know.
What is the word for_____?

Some basic words in a variety of languages (some with audio files) can be found on these sites: Language Portal dictionary -- with audio -- from English to Spanish, Korean, and many other languages
Linguistic Funland: Languages Other Than English
French: Romance Language of 65 Million: French I Tutorial
Transparent Language: Hear Portuguese Survival Phrases    
Russian language tutorial & online phrasebook: Basic Russian Phrases    
Babel: Arabic
Japanese Language Vocabulary: Greetings    
Chinese Phrases   

Learn and make mental notes about what specific difficulties each language group has in learning English. For example:  Problem sounds for speakers of Japanese.

Review English pronunciation basics so that you know how the mouth forms certain sounds that may not be found in your students’ languages.  You may need to show them how to produce the sounds.




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